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Dr. Sartschev is Retiring – A letter to my patients

I have been at RPA more than 10 years now and have cared for many patients here whether my regulars or just a substitute for yourusual doctor. If has been an honor to help where I could.

I have mixed feelings in letting you know that I will be retiring in September 2018. My husband and I have long planned to retire early and, as you can imagine, I will not miss some of the daily frustrations with insurance issues and other administrative requirements. but I will certainly miss the kids, their families, the staff, and my colleagues. Most of all I will miss feeling useful and productive and, of course, getting my regular dose of the sweet little ones. My husband and I will be making our place at Myrtle Beach our full-time home, so we may run into each other there some time. If so, be sure to say hello.

So thank you for a great 10+ years and especially sharing a little bit of your children with me. I know my colleague will take excellent care of them.


I wish you all the best,




Caroline A. Sartschev, M.D.

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