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Upcoming NC Medicaid Transformation

If your child is currently a patient of Raleigh Pediatrics and is covered by Medicaid or NC Healthchoice, please read this information.

In November 2019, NC Medicaid and NC Healthchoice are moving to “Medicaid Managed Care.”  This means, instead of the state managing your healthcare plan, a private insurance company will be contracted to do what the state has been doing previously.  There are four private insurance carriers that the state has chosen to be “Prepaid Health Plans” or PHPs.  As a Medicaid or NC Healthchoice covered patient, you will be required to select a plan from one of the four insurance carriers. 

At this time, Raleigh Pediatrics has enrolled as a provider with WellCare of North Carolina and United Healthcare Community Plan.  We do not have plans to contract with the other carriers at this time. 

In June 2019, existing Medicaid and NC Healthchoice patients will begin receiving notices in the mail regarding the program changes.  Please be sure DHHS has your current address and be on the lookout for the information that will be mailed to your home.

We will post updates on information about Medicaid Transformation on our website, Facebook page, and in the office. 

Please see this Factsheet “7 Things you need to know about NC Medicaid Managed Care”

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