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PBS Airs Documentary on Vaccines

A growing number of children in the United States are getting sick, and some are even dying, because parents who are misinformed are choosing to forgo or delay the vaccinations recommended by their children’s doctors. A NOVA documentary which aired on PBS on September 10 explores the history and science behind vaccines and explains the risks of opting out of recommended vaccinations.  The film can be viewed at the PBS video website here.

The documentary, titled Vaccines: Calling the Shots, highlights real cases of children who became ill with preventable infections, such as measles and whooping cough, and shows how these diseases can re-emerge when immunization rates diminish in a population. Parents’ fears about vaccinations are discussed and put into perspective with scientific studies documenting the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.  The film encourages parents to ask questions and to use the best available evidence to make their vaccination decisions.

Raleigh Pediatric Associates has been helping parents provide excellent health care for their children for over 40 years, and during that time we have seen dramatic changes in the area of immunizing children, both in the development of many new vaccines against very serious infections that cause meningitis and other life-threatening diseases, and also in the appearance of a minority of parents who are choosing to not have their children protected against these diseases, largely based on information they are finding on the internet. We believe these parents are getting erroneous and misleading information which is not based on the best science we have to offer. We feel very strongly that vaccines are both safe and effective and that they save lives. You may read our practice’s Vaccine Policy here.

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