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Asthma Program

Asthma Program

Asthma Control Test Forms:
 4-11 years old
12 years and older

Raleigh Pediatrics is dedicated to the successful management of asthma and allergy. Because asthma is the most common chronic childhood illness, many patients and families deal with cough and labored breathing on a regular basis. We know that these symptoms can be controlled if parents and children have a good understanding of asthma and the medications used for treatment. Well-controlled asthma means children should have a normal lifestyle, activity and healthy lungs for the future.

Asthma triggers and symptoms are different for each individual. The most common triggers are respiratory infections, allergies, exercise and weather changes. Symptoms of asthma are persistent cough, labored breathing and sometimes audible wheezing.

Pulmonary function testing is recommended by the National Institute of Health’s guidelines for the successful treatment and management of asthma. Spirometry is a type of pulmonary function test that measures the amount and speed of air forced out of the lung. Children are asked to blow down pictures such as candles or the three pigs house. Children four years and older usually perform this test well. They enjoy the “video game” testing and incentives. We ask that children that have inhalers and spacers bring them to the office on the day of testing.

When visiting the office for asthma or allergy education and testing, you will see one of our Certified Asthma Educators, Deb Kirkland RN or Marianne Tine, RN. She will spend 30-40 minutes with you and your child. After seeing the “asthma nurse” your child will see the doctor for a brief asthma exam. The doctor will evaluate testing and write prescriptions if needed. Plan to be at the office about one hour. The normal office co-pay or deductibles will apply to this visit.

For a better understanding as to what will be done at each appointment, please click here.

For further questions regarding asthma evaluation appointments you can contact one of our asthma educators.  In Raleigh at 872-0250, ext 337 and in Garner 779-6423, ext. 129.

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