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International Adoption Services

International Adoption Services

Doctors Foster (retired) and Hewett started the International Adoption program at Raleigh Pediatrics in 2002. Since that time we have seen hundreds of children from a wide variety of countries. These children bring with them unique and sometimes complex health, developmental, and psychosocial issues. We pride ourselves on giving these children and their families the care and attention that they need during this transition which is both exciting and sometimes overwhelming!

For established families and future patients, we offer pre-adoption consultations, post-adoption evaluations, and ongoing general pediatric care.

Pre-Adoption Consultations

We meet with families in the office to review and discuss adoption records for potential or confirmed adoptions. We also review with adoptive parents what to expect from a medical perspective once they bring their child home. We discuss in detail necessary lab work, recommended immunizations, and developmental follow-up. Please be aware that these consultations are not covered by insurance. Please contact us for further information.

Post-Adoption Evaluations

After a family has arrived home with their new child, Raleigh Pediatrics recommends that the child be seen in the office for an international adoption visit within two weeks. We have a specific protocol in place to evaluate these very special children with regard to lab work, immunizations, and developmental follow-up.

  • Most children need lab work to screen for infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, and syphilis. We also screen every child for tuberculosis and anemia. Based upon the country we also may do other testing including thyroid, lead levels, and testing for rickets.
  • Raleigh Pediatrics feels strongly about immunizing every child. Based upon the country of adoption we often re-immunize children, which is recommended and safe. Your doctor will explain in more detail regarding which immunization records can be trusted.
  • Many internationally adopted children have special developmental needs. We partner with a therapy group (Pediatric Therapy Associates) who has developed an expertise in providing therapy for this special patient population. If your child needs a developmental assessment or therapy a referral will be made by your physician.

Our goal is to help you through this very important transition but most importantly to partner with you in taking care of your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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