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Updates to our RPA Families

We know that this stay at home experience has been incredibly challenging for everyone for a lot of different reasons.   We heard a lot of good news and data about the effects of the “Stay at Home” order during Governor Cooper’s press conference Thursday.  North Carolina has been successful in “flattening the curve,” but we still have some ways to go.  While we all continue to adjust to these changing times, we at Raleigh Pediatrics want to be sure that you are receiving all of the healthcare services that you need to keep your children healthy.

Office Hours

We are continuing with our adjusted office hours for the near future.  We will continue to see well patients during the morning hours and keep sick patients separated to a later time of the day.  This has been successful to avoid any accidental exposures between healthy babies and sick patients.  Please visit our website or Facebook page regularly for any new updates. We will also send out email messages as any changes go into effect. 

Family Resources

If your family is struggling with paying for utilities, food, rent, etc., there are many resources that have been activated to help.  If you need assistance, please reach out to our Family Resource Coordinator, Kathleen.  Please call the Raleigh office at (919) 872-0250 during office hours and ask to speak to the Family Resource Coordinator.

Sick Visits and Chronic Conditions

For the past several weeks, we have been in an emergency response mode.  It was necessary to decrease our office hours and staffing and only continue with those things that were “essential”.  Now that that emergency period is passing, we need to move into a time where we do not delay needed medical care for acutely sick children and those with chronic conditions such as asthma or diabetes.  If your child is sick please do not hesitate to call us.  We are here to help, whether that means talking to one of our triage staff or an asthma educator or to have a virtual or in person appointment.  

Telehealth Visits

We will continue to utilize Telehealth “Virtual Visits”.  These video appointments have been an amazing way to keep numerous patients and families safely at home while continuing to provide the health services that you need.  We are scheduling virtual visits for regular same day sick appointments, asthma education, medication rechecks, behavioral consults and more. 

Well Visits

We continue to encourage everyone to come in for well appointments and stay on schedule for immunizations.  There are several very common diseases such as pertussis, pneumococcal infection and measles that continue to circulate in the United States. The recommended childhood vaccines can prevent these illnesses.

Thank you for continuing to trust Raleigh Pediatrics to care for your children’s health.  

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